Matt Lewis...

“I have had a true passion for painting and decorating from a young age.
I’ve always taken a keen interest in the painting decorating trade and
followed in the footsteps of my grandfather.

For me it’s all about preparation, preparation is decoration and having a
very keen eye for even the smallest of details is what sets me apart from
the rest.

There is nothing I love more than to see changes as I’m working. It gives
enormous pleasure seeing the project developing through to the final stage.
Knowing that I’ve created a stunning new living/working area is what drives
me to succeed.

Spending the past 25 years in the decorating industry, I’ve gained a
superior knowledge of using all different paint types whether that be oil,
shellac, two-part metal paint, fire retardant paint (tor) through to
emulsions and acrylic based paints.

I’ve also gained expert knowledge in which particular fillers and resins to
use on all different substrates from murex on concrete through to using the
window care system resins on all wood types also using two pack oil based

I can use my vast experience on colour choice/finish and wallpapering
should you need any advice on what paints or papers to use.”

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